Everyone's a Story
Learn photography, film techniques or even editing!

I am an accomplished teacher and love to help others master their skills. I have had several photography students and they have made great progress since we have been working together.

Call or email today to get on the schedule! It's affordable too. Classes start as low as $50.

Christopher Schlumpf

Christopher Schlumpf is a writer, director, editor and accomplished cinematographer. He has also produced several short films. Christopher started making films in grade school on super 8 film and has won dozens of awards for performing arts throughout his career. He first attended film school at the University of North Texas and most recently attended the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking in the documentary program, where he added several short films to his list of accomplishments.

Christopher has a wide array of talents including a history of classical dance training, theatre training and works in all aspects of filmmaking from writing to editing. He has experience both behind and in front of the camera and is comfortable with either. Christopher will tell you that he loves all aspects of film production and theater, but claims a special love for operating the camera and directing cinematography.

Christopher has an eye for the story in everyone’s lives and has thus called his production company “Everyone’s a Story Productions.” Christopher is free to travel and plans to continue working on independent as well as studio productions all over the world as opportunity presents itself.

Julie Schlumpf

2/17/14 Today we launched a new Youtube channel in order to promote our video tutorials. We are starting with the basics and will move into more advanced lessons as we go. I am trying to produce videos that are short and relevant.
I am also very interested in Search Engine Optimization. I have been taking lessons from Travis Katz at Convertwith.
We are enjoying repeat business from our faithful clients at Taffy Print, Vicki's Making Faces and others.

2/24/14 My 10 month anniversary. I love my wife. :D 
This last week I have been working with Closed Captions in video for broadcast compliance. I have also been busy trying to promote our Video Production site here in Denton, Texas with SEO. I'll let you guys know how that works.
I am also moving forward with an animated 30 second spot for Taffy Print out of Austin, Texas. That is an exciting animation project. 
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