Everyone's a Story
Sam Brown is a Visionary Painter and Designer who now lives in the magical hills of New Mexico. Come see his studio and his amazing art.

I created a video that expresses why the city of Denton, TX has become such a popular place to move. 8.20.14, Run Time 10:15

Erin Sims is an amazing young woman who races at 80 miles per hour, 2 inches off the ground. Zoom zoom!

Here, I present my award winning short documentary, Lost Downtown. It is my flagship film so far. It was shot in 12 days and took about 4 weeks to edit and finish with color and sound design.
It won the most prestigious award at the 12th Annual ZGI Shorts Film Festival, the AUDIENCE CHOICE award! It was also honored to win BEST IN CLASS at the California Film Festival. If you would like to purchase the film and support our efforts at getting it submitted, please click on the PayPal button below. Run time 18:36

An event video for the world renown artist, Ron English. You won't believe the prank he pulls at a grocery store! Run time under 4 minutes.

Here is a 30 second commercial we recently did for an HVAC company here in the DFW area. Testimonials are the best advertising!

Do you have a beautiful love story? If so, we would love to document it on film to be enjoyed for all future generations. Our lives are fleeting, but film is forever!

Here is one of our first corporate videos. Does your business need video? Run time 3:45

Christopher Schlumpf's YouTube channel, where you can see examples of his work, can be found here.
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