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Family Legacy Documentaries
Family Legacy Documentaries are an exciting, new project. 
Have you ever lost a loved one and wished that you had recorded their lives, stories and the wonderful memories they had? 
NOW you can. 
Everyone's A Story Production is now bringing professional level documentaries to the common man and woman. Imagine having a real, historical documentary, professionally shot and edited with moving photos and a customized music score. 
Now Imagine that it's affordable. We can do that. 
Simply contact us and let us know who you want to document and we will show you how easy it is. 
You can also download and complete the questionnaire below. 

Christopher is now living and working where he grew up, Denton/Dallas/Fort Worth. He has recently found a niche in corporate video and commercials and is currently booked out several videos in advance. While business is currently very good, he is always interested in new projects of any kind. Always learning and always growing.
Christopher is currently editing in Adobe Premier Pro CS6 and loves the new interface. His recent creations involve 3D, chrome text and special effects in After Effects. Always something to learn.  
Contact us today about your project. If you always wanted to make a video, but don't know where to start, that's our specialty. We can walk you through it. The consultation is free!

We are listed on many video production directories including USAVideoCompanies.com

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